Minesweeper Fun

Minesweeper Fun takes the classic puzzle game into the 21st century. The object of the game is to clear the board without detonating hidden mines. Includes modern themes, multi-touch controls, and animations that make this game highly addictive.


  • Three difficulty levels: Classic (8×8), Professional (16×16), Expert (16×30)
  • Multiple color themes: Dark, Bright, Classic
  • Awards and Statistics for tracking progress
  • Android: Google+ leaderboards and achievements plus HD optimized for tablets
  • iOS: GameCenter leaderboards and achievements plus retina display and universal app plays great on iPhone and iPad
Minesweeper Fun for iOS and Android


Select a tile on the minefield to remove it from the board. If it’s a bomb then the game is over. If not then you get another turn. Numbers will display when there are mines found in the eight surrounding cells.
Use strategy and logic to locate suspected mines. Once you discover a mine drag a flag over a tile to mark it as suspect. It also prevents accidental touches from triggering a tile you know has a bomb under it. When all flags have been placed on the board a green check appears. Tapping the checkmark and watch all non-flag tiles blast away to see if you’ve won the battle. Another benefit to using this approach is you won’t be charged extra moves which means you’ll get a higher score. You don’t have to use flags though and can just uncover all tiles without mines to win the game.