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Dear Scientist–  We desperately need your help in the lab.  Spill one chemical into another until a solid color remains.  Help us discover the best solution possible, but be extremely careful– Too many spills and you’ll have to start over!


  • Challenging and unique new puzzle game with 200 unique levels!
  • Daily challenge delivers a new puzzle everyday!
  • Addictive and competitive brain teaser play
  • Create and share your own puzzles for your friends to play
  • Share your score with friends on Game Center, Google Play, and Facebook
  • No timer so you can take your time to strategize the perfect solution
  • Multiplayer turn based games using Game Center and Google Play
  • Pleasant and enchanting music and sounds
  • Bright and cheerful colors
  • Short tutorial to learn basic play
  • Interactive and mesmerizing bubbles and animations
  • Trade stars for hints during the game and to undo moves
  • Use stars to unlock the purple and pink chemicals in the lab
  • Unlock features of the game as you complete levels
  • Look for messages from the Mad Scientist as you’re spilling colors
  • Revisit levels to perfect your score, earn more stars, and get collect all the Perfectium awards.


Spill Zone is a brand new unique and challenging puzzle game where the goal is to make the entire puzzle one single color. It’s kind of like the flood fill operation in your favorite paint program. Just keep spilling until everything is the same color.  Although it’s a simple concept, it will require experimentation and strategy to solve each puzzle in the fewest moves possible. Play through all our challenging levels in the single player mode. Connect with Google Play, Facebook, and Game Center to see what level your friends are on. There is also turn-based multiplayer mode where you get to take turns playing a friend to see who is the true Spill Zone champion.  There’s so much research waiting for you in Spill Zone, so get out there and “Experiment. Fail. Repeat.”


  • Spill one chemical group into another adjacent group until the entire board is the same color
  • Solve puzzles in the fewest moves possible
  • Earn stars by solving the puzzle in a minimal number of moves:
    • 3 stars awarded for having a perfect solution to a puzzle
    • 2 stars awarded for completing a puzzle one move beyond perfect
    • 1 star awarded for completing a puzzle two moves beyond perfect
    • Earn more stars by playing the daily challenge!


  • 1 star per undo
  • 5 Stars for each Hint Report (3 hints will be displayed)
  • 25 Stars for the pink and purple chemicals in the lab
  • 25 Stars for a puzzle solution


  • Small Reaction – Convert 1,000 chemicals
  • Big Reaction – Convert 10,000 chemicals
  • Massive Reaction – Convert 50,000 chemicals
  • Stardust – Earn 50 Stars in Single Player
  • Star Studded – Earn 250 Stars in Single Player
  • Superstar – Earn 500 Stars in Single Player
  • Lab Rat – Make one custom level in the Lab
  • Mad Scientist – Make 10 custom levels in the Lab
  • Lab Intern – Reach Level 25 in Single Player
  • Lab Assistant – Reach Level 50 in Single Player
  • Lab Technician – Reach Level 100 in Single Player
  • Perfectium-25 – Get a perfect score on every level up to Level 25
  • Perfectium-50 – Get a perfect score on every level up to Level 50
  • Perfectium-100 – Get a perfect score on every level up to Level 100


  • Buy 100 Stars for $0.99
  • Buy black oil or the white special chemical for $0.99 in the Lab (opens at level 10)


  • Share your new puzzle creations at our Spill Zone Lab website
  • Share your level ranking by tapping on your player icon
  • After completing a level, share your score from the replay screen
  • Inside the lab you can share your creations via a simple URL so that others can import it and play

Spill Zone is a free game for iOS and Android devices.

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