Boing! BOING! Boing! How high can Springer go? Can you make it to the clouds? The Moon? Pluto?
Bounce Springer as high as you can for a dangerous but exciting adventure. Jump high in the sky and travel through space.
Drag your finger across the screen to move Springer to a safe platform. Tap upon landing on a platform for a super bounce! Grab onto rockets to blast off and launch through the stratosphere and beyond.
But… keep an eye out for the evil Dr. Hacksaw! Springer is made of light-weight nuts, bolts, and springs that’ll explode on impact.
Can you make it higher than your friends? Bounce right past their highest altitude in-game while posting yours to the global leaderboard. Spring to the stars and beyond!


Available for free download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon!

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  • Fun and challenging addictive platformer
  • Infinite vertical scrolling adventure
  • Highly responsive yet simple touch controls
  • Tour the solar system from Earth to the Moon and beyond
  • Awesome animations, music, and sound
  • Social integration for seeing friend’s scores in-game


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