Alarm turns on white noise sound loop

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Alarm turns on white noise sound loop

Postby t0tenh0sen » Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:00 pm

When I use the alarm to wake up in the morning, it not only turns on the alarm (I have it set to the rooster) but it also turns on whatever sound I had playing the night before to go to sleep to. So when the alarm goes off I get both the rooster AND the rain (or whatever), which is not very helpful for waking up. Even after I turn the alarm off for the day, the rain sound will keep playing for the next hour (which is how long I have the timer set for). I don't have to use the alarm feature as the phone (I have the Droid X) has a separate alarm app, but sometimes it's nice to have another preset alarm I don't have to fiddle with when I'm going to sleep. I don't think the alarm used to do this before the past couple of updates, if that's at all helpful. Is there some way to fix this in the settings somewhere? I've looked but nothing obvious is jumping out at me.

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Postby treyw » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:48 pm

Are you using the full version or lite version of White Noise? If using White Noise, do you have it set to run in the background?

Do you by chance have both versions installed? It is really strange for both sounds to play, as White Noise does not currently support two sounds at once, so sounds like a bug.

I'll look into the issue for the next update.

Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience.
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Postby t0tenh0sen » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:55 pm

I've got the full version installed, and once I installed that I uninstalled White Noise Lite. I do have it set for background audio.

Thanks for looking into it for me. :)
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