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Listen, record & share

50 HD Stereo stock sounds

Fall asleep faster, better & longer with our list of curated stock sounds

Access 25,000+ relaxing sounds

Download the Market companion app to access thousands of new sounds

Record your own sounds

Our recorder allows you to record and perfectly loop your own sounds

Mix multiple sounds together

The mix-pad allows you to design soundscapes and adjust audio properties

Set timers & alarms

Set alarms that slowly fade-in, waking you refreshed

Sleep mode to settle down

The perfect companion to your dock or night-stand

Create a custom playlist

Put together a list of sounds and set individual durations for each one

Save your favorites

Heart your most treasured sounds for a quick audio playback


Relax on your favorite platform



  • 50 SD Sounds
  • Advance Recorder
  • 5 Alarms
  • Mix Pad
  • Background Audio
  • Full Stereo


  • 50 SD Sounds
  • Advance Recorder
  • Mix Pad
  • 20+ Alarms
  • Full Stereo
  • Background Audio
  • Generator Tools (IAP)
  • No Ads
  • Watch OS Support
  • TV OS Support
  • Android TV Support
  • Android Widget



  • 50 HD Sounds
  • Advance Recorder
  • 20+ Alarms
  • Mix Pad
  • Full Stereo
  • Background Audio
  • Generator Tools (Included)
  • No Ads
  • Watch OS Support
  • TV OS Support
  • Android TV Support
  • Android Widget
  • iOS Widget


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What people are saying

Love it!! No longer need melatonin nor caffeine!

have not been able to sleep well for a very long time, as a result of mental health issues… I needed help, and my doctor/neighbor/friend recommened this app. I had tried other white noise apps before, but none really worked. This was not the case for this app! I can sleep longer and less fitfully without drugs. I wake up feeling refreshed to some degree. The best part- it’s free!!! 10/10, would recommend.

Puts me to sleep every night

“Be sure to get the White Noise Market app if you get this, with both of them you have the best and widest selection of free sounds you can get on apps like these hands down…”

Great App!

This app is really great, and it lets you choose from a bunch of different sounds, such as rain, ocean waves, camp fire and many more! If you create mix, you can combine as many sounds as you want to create a really good sound! You can record something out in nature, or something at home if you’re going on a long trip, and if you get sick of the sounds they have, there’s a website where you can download additional sounds put up by the community completely for free! I’m gonna stop now, cause I sound like a commercial. 10/10 would white noise again!

Sleep quality has greatly improved!

This app has really made a difference! I love it! Before downloading this app my sleep quality was really bad. I wasn’t getting enough and whatever rest I did get it was extremely restless rarely was I in REM. I fall asleep with the Brown Noise and for the last week and half…I have been feeling super great! I don’t wake up groggy. I feel so refreshed in the mornings now. I feel and see the difference! Thank you White Noise! Thank you!

If you like to sleep…

After 3 hrs of my baby nonstop crying because he fights his sleep & momma wasn’t getting any sleep my husband took him to the bathroom and turned the faucet (a tip from his pediatrician) and he instantly fell out! So I did some research and found this app. Thank god, if not for this app our water bill would’ve made us homeless. I am able to sleep train with it and it also puts my husband to sleep which is a plus! Now my baby knows what time it is when he hears “heavy rain” and it’s convenient because you can use your phone normal while it’s on.

I can finally sleep

Great free sound choices. Brown noise and airplane are my favorite. I have constant sleep issues and can NEVER nap no matter how tired I am. These sounds help me sleep so much better and I’ve even started to take naps using them. Ahhhh. So nice… If you travel internationally on long flights you’ll know exactly the sound and vibe I mean. So soothing.


Frequently asked questions

We have supported our White Noise apps for over 10 years and are here to help! We ask that you first review our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. For a complete list of FAQ click here.

Even when asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noise such as a faucet drip or police siren can interrupt your sleep or focus.

White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can stay asleep, rest, or focus longer. 

Check out this article for additional details.

We have a detailed comparison chart above showing the differences between all three apps.

Please scroll up to see the differences!

There are a couple of ways:

Pick up a copy of our White Noise Creator for Mac OS X and Windows


Use the Recorder feature in White Noise Pro, White Noise, or White Noise Lite for mobile devices. Tap the Add (+) button and Create Recording. This will allow you to record, loop, and share your own sound.

Visit our White Noise Market at or download the new White Noise Market app and start loading up on free sounds!

Adding new sounds is supported for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Most people know the benefits of using White Noise to relax, sleep, or focus, but did you know some of those same benefits can be passed on to your four-legged best friend? 

For pets that display more anxious and frightened behaviors, White Noise can be a tremendous help. Loud noises like thunder and fireworks can oftentimes have a negative impact on dogs. That negative impact can be minimized by playing a constant White Noise sound. It can also be especially beneficial to play White Noise for your pet when they’re left alone at home to preemptively avoid any issues related to sounds they hear. 

According to Dr. Christie Cornelius, DVM, relaxing sounds affect physiological processes in dogs’ autonomic systems. Relaxed dogs, in general, have slower heart rates, rest more easily, and are less vocal. 

Just like humans, pets may respond differently to various sounds. Play different sounds for your pet and observe their reactions. Natural sounds will likely be a better fit over man-made or electronic sounds. Constant sounds will also likely be a more desired sound for your pet as there will be less inconsistencies in the sound. One good sound option is Brown Noise.  It has a  deep rich sound with plenty of bass to help mask random sounds that might disturb or agitate your pet. Other popular choices for humans and pets alike are Heavy Rain, Air Conditioner, and Ocean Waves. 

They are an auditory illusion perceived when two different tones of slightly different frequency are presented to each ear. 

Binaural beats, hypnosis, and meditation are all safe and healthy ways to change your state of mind. However we do not recommend using any of these sounds while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Hypnosis and meditation are voluntary processes and suggestions will have no effect unless you want them to.   They rely on stereo and each ear is played a different tone so headphones are needed to listen.

Some binaural beats are too low in frequency for phones or other mobile devices to replicate, others will sound like a rhythmic pulse without headphones and may not work or be as effective. 

We wrote a whole blog on the topic, found here.

We have 1hr and 10hr versions of select recordings available on YouTube for streaming on a computer, Smart TV, or any device with YouTube.

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