White Noise TV

White Noise for Apple TV and Android TV

White Noise is available for Apple TV and Android TV platforms. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android TV device or the Apple App Store on your Apple TV to purchase.

White Noise TV Features

  • Perfectly looped sounds without audio gaps or interruption
  • Brightness control allows turning screen to black to remove ambient light while playing continuous audio
  • Sound timer slowly fades audio out and stops at specified duration
  • Digital sleep clock displays current time and date
  • Sound catalog for quickly selecting your favorite sound
  • All media streamed locally and does not require or consume network bandwidth

White Noise Enterprise Solutions

TMSOFT provides custom enterprise solutions of our White Noise technology for hotels, hospitals, and other places of business. Hotels can improve the sleep experience of their guests by integrating White Noise into their existing television entertainment system. Hospitals can improve the sleep of their patients by masking away noisy hospital equipment. Call Centers can improve the focus and privacy of their employees. Our White Noise audio software has been road-tested for over 10 years and is currently helping millions of people around the world. Does your business need one of the following solutions?

  • White Noise Android TV App for integration into existing media television system (Stock or Customized APK)
  • Custom Audio App Development (Single purpose or limited functionality of our White Noise, Generator, or Looping software)
  • Media site license of ambient noise and music mp3 files (Private network)
  • High performance cloud solution for streaming our entire audio catalog (Public network)

Send an e-mail to enterprise at tmsoft.com so that we can discuss a custom solution that works for you.