White Noise Market Upgrade

New White Noise Market Platform Requires App Upgrade

The White Noise Market is getting a MAJOR overhaul that requires all users to upgrade to the latest versions of the iOS App and Android App. White Noise Market Apps that are not upgraded to at least 9.0 will no longer work in the coming weeks. This is because we are changing our cloud provider … Read more

Sleep Music Album

Ethereal ‘Sleep Music’ Album Released

TMSOFT’s White Noise Sleep Sounds has published our latest album, Sleep Music, to all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more! Sleep Music features a collection of twelve meticulously crafted tracks, each with the purpose of lulling you into sleep and ensuring you stay asleep without disturbances. With the … Read more

Introducing White Noise 8

White Noise 8 has been released for Android and iOS and it continues to evolve based on user feedback. We have added exciting new features, including the innovative Sleep Log, which allows you to track your sound playtime and help you understand your sleep patterns. Let’s dive in! Sleep Log The Sleep Log is now … Read more

Using the Tone Generator App

Although our Generator apps has been out for some time, almost five years to be exact, we thought we’d share the inside scoop on how to get the most out of the Tone Generator app and some recent updates we’ve made. In the Tone Generator app, the sound of the tone is determined by the … Read more

Using the Noise Generator App

In general white noise is used as a general term to refer to rushing sounds like radio static, river rapids, or heavy water flow from a sink. This type of sound is created by many random frequencies played in rapid succession.

Using the Binaural Beats Generator App

The frequency difference between the signals (tones) played in each ear 👂. Because the frequencies needed to influence brainwaves are difficult or impossible for the ear to hear, they can only be heard as ‘phantom tones’ by the brain. By playing two different tones in each ear the brain interprets the difference in frequency between the two ears as one low ‘phantom tone’. The difference between the waves creates a thrumming beat sound due to the phasing of the tones’ waves.

Sleep Sounds Websites

TMSOFT Launches Multiple Websites for Discovering Sleep Sounds

TMSOFT has released three new websites to help you discover relaxing sleep sounds for everyway you consume media. Each website is similar, but unique in their own way to give you more options on how you watch, stream and listen to your favorite sounds.  The three sites launched are Sleepsounds.fm, Sleepsounds.me and Sleepsounds.tv.   SleepSounds.FM SleepSounds.FM … Read more

MP3 Files of White Noise Market Sounds

Purchase MP3 Files From Our White Noise Market

Now you can purchase your favorite White Noise sounds as long-running MP3 files directly from our White Noise Market website.  Our sounds have always been available to purchase or stream from various digital music stores, however those sounds have been limited in length to usually 10 minutes.  This required playing our sounds on single-track repeat … Read more

Tips For Working From Home

Many companies are having their employees work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. While working remotely can have many benefits, there can be a number of challenges, too. Working from home and going without a commute frees up more time for work, but it can also blur the line between when work ends and home … Read more