TMSOFT Launches Multiple Websites for Discovering Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds Websites

TMSOFT has released three new websites to help you discover relaxing sleep sounds for everyway you consume media. Each website is similar, but unique in their own way to give you more options on how you watch, stream and listen to your favorite sounds.  The three sites launched are, and   SleepSounds.FM SleepSounds.FM … Read more

TMSOFT Sits Down to Chat with

We sat down recently with the staff at We discussed how the White Noise App can be a great tool and how it can improve sleep habits. The article provides some insight in how some couples use the app to make sleep schedules more compatible and how the app can be used as a … Read more

Purchase MP3 Files From Our White Noise Market

MP3 Files of White Noise Market Sounds

Now you can purchase your favorite White Noise sounds as long-running MP3 files directly from our White Noise Market website.  Our sounds have always been available to purchase or stream from various digital music stores, however those sounds have been limited in length to usually 10 minutes.  This required playing our sounds on single-track repeat … Read more

Tips For Working From Home

Many companies are having their employees work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic. While working remotely can have many benefits, there can be a number of challenges, too. Working from home and going without a commute frees up more time for work, but it can also blur the line between when work ends and home … Read more

White Noise for Pets

Happy pet with white noise playing on the tv

Most people know the benefits of using White Noise to relax, sleep, or focus, but did you know some of those same benefits can be passed on to your four-legged best friend?  What is White Noise? Even when asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noise such … Read more

Don’t Let the Loss of Daylight Negatively Impact Your Sleep

Daylight savings clock

While many people are looking forward to gaining an extra hour of sleep with Daylight Savings, there are also some negative aspects that come along with time change that can actually harm your sleep. To make sure you’re continuing to get a proper night’s rest, despite the time change, follow these tips: Sleep the Correct … Read more

Playapod Web Player Launches

playapod app icon

TMSOFT added a new feature to the Playapod website–The Playapod Web Player. Podcast fans can now log into the Playapod website and listen to or watch their subscribed podcast episodes. Users have been requesting this feature for various reasons. Some want to decrease the amount of time they use their mobile devices while others find … Read more

Fan Noise Generator App Released

Fan Noise Generator App Icon

TMSOFT has released the Fan Noise Generator app for people who love sleeping to the sound of a fan. The Fan Noise Generator app generates custom fan noises with such realism that you can almost feel it blowing across your bedroom. The modern interface allows users to customize the fan motor speed, oscillation speed, and … Read more