We have created our own White Noise sleep sounds podcast that allows you to listen to all our latest relaxing sounds for free πŸŽ‰. New episodes twice a week!

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New relaxing sounds every Monday and Wednesday

Listen to our top 4 sounds. These relaxing sounds have been streamed for billions of minutes and have put millions to sleep. Each sound is introduced by Todd Moore, founder of TMSOFT and creator of the popular White Noise app.

If you discover a great sound on our podcast, head over to the White Noise Market and download it for free. By adding the sound into the White Noise app, you can listen to it for any duration of time of your choosing.


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Say things like:

Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds to play rain”

Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds to play fire for 8 hours”

Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds to play the latest sound”

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πŸ• 3 hour long episodes

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😌 Relaxes and reduces stress

So what does it sound like?


Air conditioner saved my life

The air conditioner sound has been the only constant in my adolescent life, and I am truly grateful for the peace this has brought me.

Starship Quarters Crew

Is my favorite noise to fall asleep to

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-! ❀ 

I love white noise and all of the noises are suppppper calming on here and I am always fast asleep far before the hour of noise is over!


I listen to this when I can’t sleep please come out with more!!!!

Each podcast episode is three hours long and new sounds are being added to our podcast each week–twice a week to be exact! We hope you enjoy this new way to listen to our popular sounds to help you sleep and focus better!