White Noise Lite switches on randomly when in sleep mode

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White Noise Lite switches on randomly when in sleep mode

Postby flipperg22 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:29 am

Recently downloaded White Noise Lite on my HTC Desire, on Android 2.2.

Am having problems with the app switching itself on again once in sleep mode. At night I have set the timer to silence the sounds after 20 mins, and then to come on again automatically as an alarm in the morning.

Seemingly what is happening is that the timer work correctly and the sound goes off and remains in sleep mode with the digital clock showing, but then the sounds comes on again randomly in the middle of the night - think it was a couple of hours later.

The timer did then work correctly at 6.45 am but then once I dismiss the alarm, the sound comes back on again but at a different volume - I think from the main page of the app.

Am I doing something wrong? I can live with the sound coming on again in the morning, but I really don't want it coming on randomly in the night as it's waking me up when it's not supposed to! I have no other alarms set within any other programs.

I have read through the various posts on this forum, and have noted there appear to be some issues with the sound not going off - but I am unable to do a forced close as this option doesn't appear to be available to me with the menu options?

Thanks in anticipation - assuming we can iron out these small issues I will happily pay for the full app - could we add some birdsong too please?
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Postby treyw » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:24 am

So if I understand correctly, you are letting White Noise Lite run throughout the night with a timer. The timer shuts off the sound, but sound starts up again randomly?

The alarm causing playback to start can happen if White Noise is running prior to the alarm going off. The app autostarts playback once it loads. The alarm is a separate component in the eyes of Android. If White Noise is running, then the alarm triggers, depending on what you press can cause White Noise to be restarted causing playback to restart. This is how Android was designed. In a future update, this can be improved. For now, you can hit the home button on your device to shut the alarm off and it shouldn't go back to White Noise.

To close White Noise, all you have to do is stop playback (hit the pause button) and hit the back button on your device. White Noise Lite doesn't support background audio, so it should stop playing if you just hit the back or home button on your device.
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Re: White Noise Lite switches on randomly when in sleep mode

Postby Jacko147 » Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:47 am

I have the same problem, I do not use the alarm though, just the sleep timer, I think it may have something to do with recieveing a notification on my phone, which wakes it up. Mytouch slide user
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