Binaural Beats, Noise, and Tone Generators Published

TMSOFT has published 3 new apps for generating Binaural Beats, Color Noise, and Frequency Tones for Android and iOS devices. Binaural Beats Generator generates Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Mu, and Theta binaural beats around any base frequency.  Noise Generator generates all the color sounds of brown, pink, white, blue, and violet noise while supporting low and high cut filters.  Tone Generator generates pure sine wave tones at frequencies from 20hz to 22,000hz.  The generators were originally created for our White Noise Pro app but it was decided they could be useful as standalone tools.  The best part about our new apps is they are being released for FREE.  Download all 3 apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Visit our product webpage for more information.

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