Slots Champion Game

Are you a Slots Champion?

TMSOFT recently released our newest game, Slots Champion, where players can explore the beautiful Slots Champion Casino and win BIG! Enjoy the luxurious video slot machine experience while you build your bankroll to become the next millionaire. Level Up as you play to unlock new machines, higher maximum bets, fun bonus games, and more unique … Read more

Glow Burst – The 6 Year Journey

Glow Burst has a long history of updates and was the first iPhone app that I ever created and published.  It was originally called Bubble Pop and was released in 2008 for the original iPhone running iOS 2.0. A couple years later, I recreated Bubble Pop into Glow Burst for the original iPad release in 2010. Apple featured it as … Read more

Springer Lives

Scott Moore wrote his first video game on the TRS-80 in 1983 called “SPRINGER”. He was only 15 years old but a popular magazine of the day, called CLOAD, purchased the rights to publish it for $175. Scott was extremely excited and agreed to their contract. The November issue of CLOAD came in the mail … Read more

Porting Quake to the iPhone

The iTunes app store has created a new community of developers that are pushing the limits of what can be done on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Initially, the app store hosted applications and games that were simple in design. Nobody really knew if the iPhone could be considered a true gaming platform. Kevin Arunski … Read more