Ethereal ‘Sleep Music’ Album Released

TMSOFT’s White Noise Sleep Sounds has published our latest album, Sleep Music, to all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and more! Sleep Music features a collection of twelve meticulously crafted tracks, each with the purpose of lulling you into sleep and ensuring you stay asleep without disturbances. With the soft piano, relaxed tempos, and ethereal synth pads, every composition on this album has been recorded to deliver a soft and soothing experience.

We have always empathized with the challenges of falling asleep and staying asleep. White Noise can work wonders for bedtime, however, sometimes music offers a better means of calming down after a busy or stressful day. There are other sleep albums out on the market but they can can be full of variations in volume and tempo which make it difficult to stay asleep. Our Sleep Music album was designed to allow you to be less focused on the composition which allows your mind to relax, get to sleep faster, and experience deeper sleep.

Sleep Music includes almost a hour of relaxing tracks which is the ideal duration to guide you to sleep. Each melody has been carefully composed to minimize distraction and repetition, enabling the album to be looped seamlessly throughout the night, providing a subtle, unobtrusive backdrop. Make sure to turn on repeat to play the album throughout the entire night. Though Sleep Music was crafted with sleep in mind, its minimalist melodies and progressions were designed to be appreciated in any setting. Whether you want relaxation, meditation, help soothing your children to sleep, or simply an enjoyable listening experience, Sleep Music is your ultimate companion.

Listen to Sleep Music on your favorite music streaming platform today!