Playapod Podcasting App Featured On The Google Play Store

ARLINGTON, Va.March 2, 2018 — After four weeks on the market and thousands of user downloads, Playapod, a new mobile podcast application, has been selected as a featured app by the Google Play Store.

Seamlessly syncing podcasts directly to the cloud, Playapod allows for immediate playback across multiple operating systems and devices. Developed by TMSOFT, a Northern Virginia-based software developer, the new mobile app was designed to simplify the lives of frequent podcast listeners.

Playapod Featured on the Google Play Store
Playapod Featured on the Google Play Store

“While you never know what’s truly going to happen when your mobile app gets featured, we anticipate at least 100,000 new users will download Playapod over the next few days,” said Todd Moore, founder of TMSOFT and creator of Playapod. “A front page listing on the Google Play Store is very exciting and my team has been working around the clock to make sure Playapod is in great shape and our cloud syncing platform can scale to meet new demand”

Why is Moore so confident? Well, if posted public reviews from users are any indication, his product has already turned head … and ears.

  • “This is a beautiful podcast app. I listen to over a hundred podcasts and have tried every app. This app seamlessly syncs between my iPod and my Android tablet with no problems. Keep up the good work!” – René
  • “Four reasons to love this app: 1. It’s easy on data and internal memory space. 2. Night mode is easy on the eyes. 3. The app works fast on my $49 Alcatel smartphone. 4. You can sync it across platforms and devices. I use it on my previously mentioned Alcatel smartphone and my $49 RCA tablet.” – Daniel
  • “Was using Stitcher for two years. Tried this app, then ditched the other the next day. No ads, better download options. I love it.” – Anonymous
  • “Superior design and functionality.” – Daniel
  • “Terrific App! EASY update and download features. You can even customize the fast forward/rewind feature. Big control buttons are car friendly.” – Timothy

Playapod has earned an impressive overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 on Apple and 4.8 out of 5.0 on Google.

Product features include:

  1. Discover Podcasts – Find new podcast shows by searching or browsing the Featured and Popular lists. Podcast subscriptions can be automatically downloaded so your device is always updated and ready to play great audio content.
  2. Multi-Device Sync – Sync podcast subscriptions and episode data between multiple devices across all platforms! Just sign-in using Email, Twitter, Facebook, or Google to enable device syncing.
  3. Precision Progress Bar – All podcast episodes display exactly the portions that you have listened to, skipped over, and favorited down to the second. Never forget where you left off, what parts you have heard, or the favorite moments of each episode. All progress bar info is synced across your devices.
  4. Bookmarking – Save bookmarks of your favorite moments from each podcast episode so you can quickly go back and listen again. Bookmarks are time-coded and cloud synced across all your devices.
  5. Playlist – Create a custom playlist of podcast episodes for all-day playback. Drag and drop reordering makes it easy to organize your favorites.
  6. Listen Offline – Download entire podcasts and listen on the go without a network connection or cellular data charges.
  7. Media Controls – Toggle playback, navigate your playlist, seek forward and backwards quickly using bluetooth controls, notification panel, or home screen widget.
  8. Sleep Timer – Listen at night with the sleep timer that slowly fades the audio out to silence which reducing the chances of waking up.
  9. No Ads – No bulky third party ad networks that kill battery life, slow performance, and consume network bandwidth.
  10. Free Download – Free to download from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Appstore.
  11. Push Notifications – Receive new episode notifications delivered to your device and stay on top of your favorite shows.
  12. Import Podcasts – Quickly import a list of podcasts using OPML files.
  13. Advanced Configuration – Lots of settings to customize and tweak the behavior of the Playapod app.

In addition to Playapod being available on the Google Play Store, the app is also available on the Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore.

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To download Playapod from the Apple App Store, please visit

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TMSOFT, LLC is a recognized leader in creating and publishing audio applications for mobile and desktop platforms. Founded in 2008, TMSOFT created the popular White Noise app that is helping millions of people relax during the day and sleep better at night. TMSOFT apps are distributed in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Mac App Store, and Windows Store. For additional information please visit