Playapod 2 Speaks

The Playapod podcast app has been released with a massive number of new features including subscribing to syndicated feeds such as news and blogs. These text-based feeds are spoken to you by Playapod with full access to the progress bar, playback history, and bookmarks. That’s right, Playapod turns any text into a podcast!

Playapod 2 Subscribes to Any Blog

Now you can subscribe to your favorite news sources and have the headlines and summaries read to you. In fact, you can also subscribe to any WordPress blog such as this one. Try tapping here with a device that has Playapod installed to subscribe and have Playapod read you this article. You can also copy this URL ( ) and manually subscribe to it in Playapod by tapping the Add (+) button. Did you know all WordPress sites support subscriptions by adding ‘/feed’ to the end of the website URL? Now you’ll be able to subscribe and listen to anything just like your favorite podcasts.

There are so many new features in Playapod 2 that we encourage you to check out the Playapod Blog for all the details. And if you don’t have time to read the blog, you can always have Playapod read it for you!