New Podcast: TMSOFT’s White Noise Sleep Sounds

TMSOFT is a huge fan of podcasting which is why we are excited to release TMSOFT’s White Noise Sleep Sounds podcast. Our official White Noise podcast will feature all our favorite sounds and you can use any podcast listening app to subscribe including Apple’s Podcast app, Spotify, Playapod, and more. We may be a bit biased, but we think Playapod is the best way to experience podcasts since we built it to listen to podcasts for ourselves. You can use any app to subscribe though!

Each week we will be publishing a new 1 hour sound. It’s really no surprise that some of the most popular episodes so far are Rain on Tent, Box Fan, Ocean Waves, and Brown Noise.

Each sound is introduced by Todd Moore, founder of TMSOFT and creator of the popular White Noise app. And speaking of our famous app, if you discover a great sound on our podcast, head over to the White Noise Market and download it for free. By adding the sound into the White Noise app, you can listen to it for any duration of time of your choosing.

Subscribe today to TMSOFT’s White Noise Sleep Sounds podcast and let us know what you think!

TMSOFT's White Noise Sleep Sounds Podcast in Playapod
TMSOFT's White Noise Sleep Sounds Podcast in Spotify
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