Starbucks features White Noise

What pairs nicely with your next Starbucks coffee order? A free copy of White Noise, of course! Our app was named Starbucks’ Pick of the Week which means the next 1.5 million users can get their hands on the full version for free.

Not only can you get your own free copy of our most popular app, White Noise, you can also grab our new free companion app, White Noise Market.  With over 10,000 free sounds to import into White Noise, you’re sure to find that perfect coffeehouse sound to listen to when you’re at home or the office!

In order to get a free copy just use the Starbucks app for iOS.  This deal expires on September 1st, 2015 so make sure to let your friends know!

Starbucks pick-of-the-week White Noise App icon