TMSOFT Launches Multiple Websites for Discovering Sleep Sounds

TMSOFT has released three new websites to help you discover relaxing sleep sounds for everyway you consume media. Each website is similar, but unique in their own way to give you more options on how you watch, stream and listen to your favorite sounds.  The three sites launched are, and  


SleepSounds.FM is our podcast site which features new sounds released twice a week. Each podcast episode is 3 hours long to give you continuous audio to keep you focused on your daily tasks or put you to sleep quicker during those restless nights. You can play the entire episode directly from the website or you can use your favorite podcast app, such as Playapod to subscribe.

Each podcast displays a visually appealing image coinciding to the title of the sound. The list of sounds can be quickly filtered by name with the search bar. The catalog allows for sorting by the Name, Featured, Newest and Oldest podcasts. The Name option lists the podcasts in alphabetical order. The layout can be changed with two options: tile mode (default) or table mode to quickly scroll through hundreds of sounds. To learn more about the podcast itself, visit our Sleep Sounds podcast web page.


SleepSounds.ME is our streaming media site which gives you the ability to stream all your favorite sounds via Amazon Unlimited and Spotify. Some of the more popular sounds are available on Apple Music, too. These streaming platforms are hyperlinked in the description of a particular sound tile for easier access. You can play a 30 second audio preview directly from the website before launching into a music streaming platform for playback.

Just like our podcast website, there are searching, sorting, and view layout options that can be configured. This website adds an additional option for filtering which is by Album. The Album drop down filter groups together sounds into collections such as “Meditations: Music” and “Nature Water Sound.” Within the Nature Water Sound album, you can find sounds like “Lush Calm Waterfall, Mountain River Rushing and Tiny Trickling Creek.” We all have those favorite music albums, so why not group together our relaxing sounds into themes for easy access.


Lastly, SleepSounds.TV is our site which contains a collection of videos that stream up to 10 hours. Once you find your favorite sleep video you can launch directly into YouTube for playback. Like our media streaming website, the top right of the page includes search, album, sorting, and view options.

One video that might get you in the endless summer mood is called “Calm Beach Waves” which is found in the “Scenic Video” album. For those who are not able to be ocean front, this video makes you feel like your feet are nestled in the sand and you can almost smell the salty air.  Another favorite is our “What is ASMR?” video to help you find your ASMR trigger sound from over 70 examples. ASMR stands for Autonomous, Sensory, Meridian and Response. This video can be found in our “Sounds Video” album. Don’t forget to click our YouTube icon at the upper right hand corner to like and subscribe to TMSOFT – White Noise YouTube channel.   

TMSOFT has published our entire catalog of sounds from the past 12 years into three easy-to-use websites. These websites are also updated on a daily basis with our latest sounds, so be sure to check back often. If you are looking for relaxing sounds and music then our podcast episodes, streaming media, and scenic videos have you covered!