White Noise 6 Released for Windows Devices

White Noise 6 for Windows has been released and includes our revolutionary Mix Pad! It’s available as a free update from the Windows Store. This latest release brings full support for the creation, import, and export of sound mixes. Download and import user mixes from our White Noise Market. Runs perfectly on all Windows 10 devices including Desktop, Xbox One, and Mobile.

Windows 10 Mix Pad
Windows 10 Mix Pad

Latest Features

  • Design new ambient sounds using our revolutionary Mix Pad
  • Download and import mixes from the White Noise Market
  • Heart your favorite sounds and mixes and then quickly browse all your favs
  • View additional sound details by tapping the info button
  • All features work perfectly on Windows 10 Desktop, Xbox, Tablet, and Mobile devices

Core Features

  • 50 HD perfectly looped ambient sounds
  • Sound shutdown timer that slowly fades audio volume out
  • Background audio plays while minimized
  • Digital sleep clock perfect for any nightstand
  • Media control integration for quick sound navigation and volume control
  • Upgrade to Pro Version for full stereo sounds, unlimited imports, and removal of ads

It’s really easy to create new mixes with White Noise for Windows 10. Tap on the Mixes segment at the top of the app and then click Add Mix to get started. Add up to 5 sounds and adjust audio properties such as volume, position, pitch, and variance. It’s a lot of fun creating new ambient experiences.

We are excited to continue to support our Windows 10 customers and hope you enjoy creating and sharing sound mixes with this new version. Download White Noise for Windows 10 and mix it up!