White Noise Market Version 6.0 Released

We’re excited to announce the White Noise Market App version 6.0 has been published to the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. You gave us feedback and we listened! It’s another big update that introduces an improved user interface and numerous performance improvements to make your overall experience better.

Improvements and New Features

Similar to our White Noise App, we’ve added a brand new side menu, giving you quick access to all features of the White Noise Market.

You can also load more sounds when you reach the bottom of any of the sound lists.  We’ve updated the names of some of those lists, too.  Lists are now organized by featured, recent, categories, and chatter. User-uploaded sounds are an additional list.

Wondering how to quickly get to all your uploaded sounds? Tap your user avatar at the top of the toolbar or within the side menu to quickly view all your uploaded sounds.

We know you’re all loving the Chatter View and we wanted to make this even more user-friendly.  We implemented a new audio toggle button that allows you to quickly enable or disable audio previews in the Chatter View.  Intrigued by a photo or comment about a sound? Just tap and listen.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest version to take full advantage of all our hard work! We know this part can be a pain, but don’t forget to update your review–each time we release a new version we start at ground zero.