White Noise 7 to Catalog the World’s Sounds

White Noise 7 officially launches today with an exclusive interview by TechCrunch with Todd Moore, CEO/Founder of TMSOFT.  White Noise will now allow users to record, loop, and share their audio experiences with the White Noise community and across all social platforms. This newest update will undoubtedly enable White Noise and our millions of users to create the largest collection of relaxing sounds from all over the world.

“Until now our customers have only been able to download sounds we created for them,” said Todd Moore, founder of TMSOFT and creator of the White Noise app. “And they did that voraciously. We saw an opportunity to give them something more – the ability to record and upload their own sounds, mix them with already published content to create something even more unique and then share it with others in our White Noise community.”

And customers are already taking notice of this new ability to share sounds – Phil recorded a C-130J airplane in cruise that features the “Soothing drone of 4 Rolls-Royce AE 2100D engines.”  Jim took White Noise with him to Fiji and recorded an amazing waterfall.  Brandy has uploaded over 50 sounds that she recorded over the past couple years with the White Noise app.  “I’m really excited to see what our White Noise community records and shares with the world.” said Todd Moore.  “Our users will help us create the world’s largest collection of relaxing sounds.”

White Noise 7 is available for iOS and Android and includes the following new features:

  • Upload and Share personal recordings and sound mixes to the White Noise Market platform and across all social networks.
  • Record and Loop new sound experiences on your mobile device without requiring knowledge of audio engineering.
  • Mix Pad allows for visual arrangement of sounds in creative ways and integrates completely with the White Noise Market app for uploading and downloading of content.
  • Search quickly across the entire database of sounds and mixes using the updated sound catalog.
  • Faster Imports of new sounds and mixes downloaded from the White Noise Market app.
  • Spanish Language support added with more languages coming soon.
  • Numerous additional features and visual improvements to the user interface.

The White Noise app is available in three versions: Free, Full and Pro.

Free Version: 40 Original Sounds + 5 Alarms.  Mix Pad.  Supported with advertising.  Available for iOS, Android, and Mac.

Full Version ($1.99): 40 Original Sounds + 20 Alarms.  Mix Pad.  Background Audio.  No Ads.  Available for iOS and Android.

Pro Version ($2.99): All New 50 HD Sounds + 20 Alarms.  Download the 40 Original Sounds for Free. Mix Pad.  Background Audio.  No Ads.  Available for iOS, Android, and Mac.