White Noise Market 7.5 Released with Email Logins and More

White Noise Market version 7.5 has been released with a new method of logging in and user customizations we think you’ll enjoy. Logging in with a verified email address is now supported along with customizing your name and avatar. This new update to White Noise Market gives new accounts full access to the White Noise … Read more

White Noise Market: How to Record a Perfect Loop

Recording and sharing your favorite sounds is easier than ever with the White Noise app.  Maybe you’re on vacation and want to capture a sound you never want to forget–the perfect, free souvenir!  Maybe you’re visiting the town in which you grew up and want to record sounds from your childhood.  Whatever the sound and … Read more

White Noise Market 7.1 - Favorites

White Noise Market 7.1: More ways to Explore, Chat, and Follow

White Noise Market 7.1 includes new features that allow you to explore over 10,000 sounds, chat with the community, and follow your favorite users and sound categories. Explore the map using the new Satellite view to discover new sounds from around the world.  Scroll through the Chatter, Recent or Featured screens and “heart” your favorites, … Read more

White Noise Market

New White Noise Market Website

TMSOFT is excited to release the all-new White Noise Market website today. The website was completely rewritten and includes a ton of new features such as a new chatter view, dynamic map, infinite scrolling, modern theme and more!  It’s also much faster than the previous site which greatly improves the experience for mobile users.  Check … Read more

White Noise Market Version 6.0 Released

We’re excited to announce the White Noise Market App version 6.0 has been published to the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. You gave us feedback and we listened! It’s another big update that introduces an improved user interface and numerous performance improvements to make your overall experience better. Improvements and New … Read more

White Noise for Windows 10

White Noise Available on Windows 10 Desktop, Xbox, and Mobile Devices

White Noise has been updated to work on all Windows 10 devices including Desktop, Xbox One, and Mobile.  It’s available as a free download from the Windows Store. Our latest update brings 50 professional sounds, background audio, and the ability to download and import new sounds from our White Noise Market. The entire app was redesigned … Read more

White Noise 7 Record and Share

White Noise 7 to Catalog the World’s Sounds

White Noise 7 officially launches today with an exclusive interview by TechCrunch with Todd Moore, CEO/Founder of TMSOFT.  White Noise will now allow users to record, loop, and share their audio experiences with the White Noise community and across all social platforms. This newest update will undoubtedly enable White Noise and our millions of users to create the largest … Read more

White Noise Market Icon

White Noise Market v4 Released

White Noise Market v4 has been published to iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.  It’s a big update that adds audio previews while scrolling the Chatter View and the app also supports deep links! Here’s the full list of changes: Chatter View now previews audio of each sound while scrolling.  It’s now the default view when … Read more

White Noise Market 2.0 Launched

I’m excited to announce the release of our new White Noise Market website that allows you to download awesome sounds into the White Noise app for free. The most requested feature, audio previews, has been implemented so you can listen before downloading and using up that precious data plan.  It also has links to popular music … Read more