White Noise Baby 4.0 Released and Ready to Soothe

A major update to the White Noise Baby app arrives today to help soothe your baby even more!  White Noise Baby 4.0 supports the latest iOS and Android devices including iPhone 6+ and Nexus 6.  All of baby’s favorite original ambient sounds have been improved and we added Train Ride, Truck Ride, and Water Rumble to the list of soothing sounds.  Does your little one sleep better with music than ambient sounds? We added that too. In this newly updated version of White Noise Baby, you will find a selection of favorite high definition music tracks by composers such as Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart.

List of all new HD Classical Music Tracks:

  • Beethoven Fur Elise
  • Brahms Lullaby
  • Chopin Nocturne No 9
  • Liszt Consolation No 6
  • Tchaikovsky Sugarplum Fairy
  • Chopin Impromptu
  • Chopin Prelude Op 28
  • Chopin Walzer
  • Mozart Sonata Facile
  • Mozart Sonate Op KV331

We improved the Baby Monitor so that you can configure the restart duration and maximum number of restarts.  What exactly does that mean? Let’s say you set a sound shutoff timer for 1 hour.  After that hour, the sound will gradually stop and the baby monitor will kick in if enabled.  If crying is detected, it will gradually restart the sound for a duration of 10 minutes for a maximum of 3 times.  Impressive, huh?  All of this is configurable in the settings.

And let’s talk geek for a second–we designed a completely new high performance multi-threaded audio engine with battery saver mode to reduce CPU usage by caching sounds. You might notice Battery Saver is off by default because it uses additional device storage, but it can be enabled on the new settings screen.  In addition, while switching to new sounds you’ll notice we implemented cross-fading between each track. This means the current sounds fades out while the new sound fades in so your baby stays relaxed.  In addition, we normalized the audio to the EBU-R128 standard, which provides consistent levels of loudness across all of our sounds.

With all the new updates there’s no need to fret. Your baby will still enjoy some of our original features such as the interactive Baby Rattle with touch and shake controls that makes sounds as the bouncy balls collide.  You’ll still be able to enjoy Baby Mode to reduce sleep interruptions, the Event Log to record and learn about your baby’s sleep cycles, and important baby sleeping and safety tips.

We hope you and your baby love this new update! Please contact us from the settings screen if you have any suggestions or feedback. And while you’re there, please consider updating your White Noise Baby app review as all ratings get reset when a new version is released.

Download it today from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore:
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