White Noise for Pets

Most people know the benefits of using White Noise to relax, sleep, or focus, but did you know some of those same benefits can be passed on to your four-legged best friend? 

What is White Noise?

Even when asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noise such as a faucet drip or police siren can interrupt your sleep or focus. This same phenomenon occurs with our pets, often waking them from what should be restorative rest. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can stay asleep, rest, or focus longer. 

Less Afraid and Anxious

dog and cat napping on a pet bed

For pets that display more anxious and frightened behaviors, White Noise can be a tremendous help. Loud noises like thunder and fireworks can oftentimes have a negative impact on dogs. That negative impact can be minimized by playing a constant White Noise sound. It can also be especially beneficial to play White Noise for your pet when they’re left alone at home to preemptively avoid any issues related to sounds they hear. 

According to Dr. Christie Cornelius, DVM, relaxing sounds affect physiological processes in dogs’ autonomic system. Relaxed dogs, in general, have slower heart rates, rest more easily and are less vocal. 

Choosing the Right Sound

Dog falls asleep to Brown Noise with the White Noise Apple TV app

Just like humans, pets may respond differently to various sounds. Play different sounds for your pet and observe their reactions. Natural sounds will likely be a better fit over man-made or electronic sounds. Constant sounds will also likely be a more desired sound for your pet as there will be less inconsistencies in the sound. One good sound option is Brown Noise.  It has a  deep rich sound with plenty of bass to help mask random sounds that might disturb or agitate your pet. Other popular choices for humans and pets alike are Heavy Rain, Air Conditioner, and Ocean Waves. 

Options for Playing White Noise for Your Pet

There are many options on ways to play White Noise for your pets.  The White Noise Lite mobile App is a free app with 40+ sounds to choose from. Mobile apps can be played via bluetooth speakers or from any mobile device. If you’re an Amazon Echo user, you can use the White Noise Alexa skill. Some people choose to purchase a White Noise machine, however they can become quite expensive as you increase the quality of sound. White Noise App users can also find our most popular sounds on various streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Youtube. In addition, your television can be used using the White Noise Apple TV app. Our Youtube channel also provides a video component for the sounds your pet might enjoy. 

If your dog has anxiety, a hard time sleeping, is a rescue, or has separation issues, you might want to consider giving White Noise a try!