Spill Zone reinvents the puzzle game

Spill Zone releases to Android and iOS devices worldwide as a free download from Google Play and iTunes App Store. It’s a new type of puzzle game where you spill one chemical into another until a single color remains. It’s really simple to learn how to play, but you’ll quickly find out by Level 10 that it requires more strategy than you think.

Spill Zone works much like the paint bucket fill operation in your favorite paint program. The only restriction is you have to fill using a surrounding color. So if purple and blue were colors surrounding a group of red then you can spill purple or blue into the red color. You could also spill the red color into purple or blue. The game finishes when only one color remains. The strategy comes in by figuring out how to solve the puzzle in the fewest moves possible. If you take too many moves to solve it you’ll lose a life.

Spill Zone launched this week with 100 levels, multiplayer, and a lab that allows you to create and share your own experiments. We have many more levels and features planned too! Visit http://spill.zone to download from either Google Play or the iTunes App Store.