White Noise App

White Noise 6 launches with support for all Apple devices

White Noise 6 now supports all Apple devices including the new Apple TV and Apple Watch. If you have already purchased the Full or Pro version you’ll automatically get these new apps for free when you update.  We have worked on this release for over a year and are really excited to bring you all … Read more

Sleeping in Space

Ever wonder what it’s like to sleep in space?  What would space sound like if we could hear the solar system? It’s space week here at TMSOFT and we are going to take you on a journey through space with a collection of new space sounds. Our first stop is the International Space Station (ISS) where astronauts struggle … Read more

Chatter on the White Noise Market

The White Noise Market App received a major overhaul this week and we think you’ll really like it.  The first thing you’ll notice is we added a new Chatter view which shows the latest comments that have been posted to the market.   It’s fun to scroll through and read what people are saying about … Read more

Starbucks features White Noise

What pairs nicely with your next Starbucks coffee order? A free copy of White Noise, of course! Our app was named Starbucks’ Pick of the Week which means the next 1.5 million users can get their hands on the full version for free. Not only can you get your own free copy of our most popular … Read more

White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby 4.0 Released and Ready to Soothe

A major update to the White Noise Baby app arrives today to help soothe your baby even more!  White Noise Baby 4.0 supports the latest iOS and Android devices including iPhone 6+ and Nexus 6.  All of baby’s favorite original ambient sounds have been improved and we added Train Ride, Truck Ride, and Water Rumble to the list of … Read more

Todd Moore testifying before Congress

TMSOFT CEO Testifies before Congress on Patent Reform

I was asked to speak before Congress on the important topic of Patent Trolls and how they are destroying small businesses.  I was able to share my story (see written statement) on how a patent troll targeted our White Noise app. Patent Trolls file countless frivolous lawsuits against small businesses claiming patent infringement.  They give you an easy out in … Read more

Glow Burst – The 6 Year Journey

Glow Burst has a long history of updates and was the first iPhone app that I ever created and published.  It was originally called Bubble Pop and was released in 2008 for the original iPhone running iOS 2.0. A couple years later, I recreated Bubble Pop into Glow Burst for the original iPad release in 2010. Apple featured it as … Read more